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Dominika Jezova
Dominika Jezova

“Employers have never expected the arrival of new graduates on the market ever as eagerly as they are today. The interest in freshly graduated job seekers rises, “said Profesia, leading job portal in Slovak republic.

Which industries are worth studying?

The rate of success of the graduates of various universities and individual study departments is different. Employers are particularly interested in graduates in computer science, engineering or economics. At the end of the ladder are graduates of art and sports.
Last year it was true that the curriculum vitae of computer science graduate was viewed by an average of nine employers. For comparison, the artist’s biography was taken by only two employers.

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Graduates often have nothing to offer to the employer

Employers blame current graduates in particular for their ambition of unsubstantiated skills, high financial demands on taking up employment relative to what they can offer to the employer. In addition, it is also a lesser sense of responsibility and uncultured behavior.

On the other hand, employers are able to appreciate the IT skills of the graduates, their language skills, their willingness and the ability to adapt to change. In addition, graduates are expected to have at least a level of computer knowledge and at least a minimal knowledge of management or economics. Knowledge is also welcome from areas such as psychology or sociology.

 Whose university graduates are most desirable?

Based on a survey published by the portal Profesia in Slovak republic, the most views of CVs by employers are graduates of the University of Economics. The University of Economics in Bratislava can also be successful because economists or accountants are desirable and necessary in every society.
In addition to the University of Economics, TOP3 includes the Slovak Technical University and the Technical University in Košice. This information might not be most valuable if you are based somewhere else, but the point is the same. IT, technical and economic universities are rolling all over the world.

Graduates Salary

What are the salary expectations of graduates?

This information may vary upon your residence, however general ratios are more or less same across the globe. We again consider situation here in Slovak republic, our current residence, where overall salary is around 900€ gross wage.

The highest salary expectations in Slovakia are graduates of the Faculty of Informatics and Information Technology who expect wages averaging 1348 euros. Higher salary faculties expect graduates from the UK’s Faculty of Management who plan to earn an average of 1074 euros after leaving school.

These statistics sums up this article well and if you are looking for a better payed job, you should definitely try one of our latest courses.

Dominika Jezova
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