How to start a successful blog? We will advise you

Dominika Jezova
Dominika Jezova

A personal website can serve as an effective tool for presenting your brand, business, or
individuals. How to start a blog correctly and quickly? We will advise you on how to speed up this process with just a few steps.

If you’re thinking about setting up your own site, but don’t know how to get started, here’s a quick guide to help you get started with a personal blog. Using the individual sub-procedures, we will move on to creating your own page and describe the work that aims to run it smoothly. What’s wrong with you?

  1. You don’t avoid technical settings when creating your own page.
  2. You need to have creative thinking in store.
  3. Prepare a few articles and texts in advance that will speed up the whole process of starting a successful blog.
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Hosting a blog

To manage content, it is necessary to have the site located on a certain platform. The hosting company offers a base for your blog. You can choose between the paid and unpaid versions. If you choose the free version, you must consider a number of restrictions that affect the administration of the site. They significantly interfere with the domain. The name of the blog is supplemented by the brand of the company.

Free hosting options

Blogger is one of the most famous free companies. In this case, the blog domain always has the following form as the name of your If you want a blog to be serious, it’s not the best thing (but it’s free, which may be nice for a start). It is important to mention that this is only the first limitation. In the case of free platforms, more can be found. Inability to fully own your blog or use available WordPress themes. In principle, a blog is owned by the company and they can handle its content.

Paid hosting options

For the above reasons, it is better to invest in a paid version. There are currently several hosting companies where you can place your blog. The amounts for hosting are not horrible and you can work with a budget.

International providers

There are numerous international providers. The most important factor is whether to choose shared hosting or a dedicated VPS. For the cheaper options, companies like Bluehost or Siteground might work. For more serious options there are Cloudways, Kisnta as a managed host or a dedicated VPS by Vultr or DigitalOcean might be the best bet.

Local-based providers

Well-known companies that offer hosting in Slovakia include, for example, WebSupport, Exhosting or WebHouse. In the Czech Republic it is, Active24, OneBit, eBola. You need to consider the choice based on the services that the company offers. You can find out all the details directly on their website.

Content management system (CMS)

The most sought-after and most popular content management system today is WordPress. It is used by many companies and bloggers around the world. In addition, it is free and fully accessible to people. It is easily adaptable and does not require complex knowledge to work with. By installing a content management system, you are able to create, edit and manage content.

Purchase a domain

You must place your site under the domain, so purchasing it can be considered a necessary step to launch your own site, unless you choose the free option. The choice of domain is entirely up to you as the owner. It consists of a name that you choose based on your interests (brand, name or product you want to promote) and an extension that you choose again according to your preferences (for example .sk; .eu; .com). Creating your own brand is closely related to the domain. They tend to link because the domain tends to carry the name of the blog. This gives visitors a clear indication of what they can find on your blog.

If you have selected a platform, a purchased domain, and your blog falls under a certain brand, you can proceed to the next step.

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Website theme Selection

Adjusting the page design based on your preferences is the next step. We approach the selection of the topic that becomes the face of the page. It creates the overall design and style of the blog, while also having an impact on the individual layouts of elements and posts. It is the exterior that presents the blog. When choosing a topic, you can choose between the paid or unpaid version. For paid topics, there is a choice based on the advanced aspects you want on the blog, or you can have a premium custom design created. Themes differ in quality, set individual elements and design

Free & Freemium Themes

For beginning blogs, the unpaid topics offered by are a good option. Here you will find a wide range of options that will adapt to your current interest. These themes can usually be upgraded to a premium version at reasonable prices. For advanced topics, the problem can be a number of settings, which are confusing at low technical abilities.

The last step is to customize your template on the design page and drop content on the blog. If you have prepared the texts in advance, you can focus on adding them to the page. This is primarily a text format, but don’t forget about photos or short videos that will prove to be an effective marketing tool. A blog cannot be launched without content and photos that present you, your business, or your product. It is important to have minimal photos of the author ready in advance. Of course, if you have a whole series of quality photos as well as an article, this is a big plus. Some paid topics include a package of image content that you can use for free. They are a great tool for beginners.

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Final tips & tricks

The name of the blog should be strategically based on your intentions. It tells you what visitors can expect from your site. Ask yourself basic questions: Do I want to be visible through the blog or am I interested in providing more information on the topic? Build your blog title based on that. If you want to make yourself visible through writing, you can decide that the name of the blog will bear your name. (If possible, it must fit in length and pronunciation; if it is too long, use shortcuts, for example). If your goal is to blog to promote or build a brand, it’s ideal for the site to have the same name as the brand.

Content tips

Let’s go back to the content. Prepare texts that are characteristic of each blog. They inform the reader about who you are (don’t forget your goals, intentions or ambitions). All this information should be included in your blog to be full. Content is an integral part of this. Prepare 5 – 10 introductory articles.

Social networks

Social networks can drive blog traffic. It’s a good idea to link them to your blog and share with the public. It is effective to promote content on multiple social networks to increase potential traffic.


Starting your own site can be divided into technical and creative process. Both components contain several steps that need to be linked in order to achieve an adequate result. Over time, we can optimize your blog for the best results. The above procedures will start your blog. You can make it progress by constantly working to improve the content you create. Constant work and patience is the key to gaining readers who are the essence of successful blogs.

Dominika Jezova
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