How to write a resume that will sell you?

Matej Kukučka
Matej Kukučka

Resume or CV is the most important tool you have to attract potential employer, as this is often the first thing they come in contact with. If you do not send a resume that will be interesting, you will not get a second chance. It does not matter how much you qualified for the the job, you will not even have the opportunity to go through the company’s doors and prove your qualities.

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Tips to write a resume that will be interesting

Let the business know that you are interested in that specific position and customize your resume

Do not send “universal” CVs and motivational letters to companies that you think will fit for each job position. Avoid saying: “I am very hardworking and I am a team player.” You should focus on the added value you can offer. Highlight the practices and achievements that are relevant to the job you have been interested in.

Be different!

Do not be afraid to show your creativity and send a resume that is memorable and differs from others, for example, by a graphic design. If you are good at Photoshop or other graphics programs, you can create a really interesting CV. Are you applying for a graphic or marketing position? So you can show your graphic skills immediately and do not wait for an interview.

Tips for finding interesting biographies in Google Images

:interesting curriculum vitae

:graphical resume

Does any of these resumes look more interesting than yours on your computer?

Tips for Resume Templates

(we recommend checking them, some really are worth it!), which you can use for free, you can find on the sites like:

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Source: Kickresume


Make sure you check your CV enough. If you have a lot of grammatical errors on a couple of A4s, it might mean you lack interest in job position you are applying for. Even if you are looking for a job where you will not need grammar, let it matter.

Contact Information

.Do not use unnecessary data as a family status and make sure you have provided the correct contact information (especially the correct email and phone number). You should provide an email that is representative and not:

Good photo

If you decide to add a photo to your CV, select a portrait that suits your formal document. Avoid photos from private life or group photos where you can not identify yourself. Do not look worried at your photo and if you have the option of selecting a photo where you smile and emit a positive energy, go for it! If you do not have a photo that would be suitable for your CV, you’d better send it without it.

Attach the motivational letter

If you really care about your job, attach a motivational letter to your resume even if the company does not require it directly. However, the same applies as mentioned above. Match the motivational letter to the job position you are interested in and do not send “universal” one to other 10 companies.

The body of the email

If you decide not to attach motivational letter, the basic information (why you have chosen to apply for the job, why they should invite you for an interview, basic information about yourself) can be included in the body of the email. You’ll definitely attract more than if you sent a blank email just with your resume.

What is the optimal length of your CV?

The CV should not exceed more than 2 pages.

A few interesting facts about the CVs:

• The average life expectancy of the CV is 5 to 7 seconds
• 76% of CVs are declined due to a non-professional email address
• Only 35% of jobseekers are really qualified for the job they were interested in
• 68% of employers will find you on Facebook

Matej Kukučka
Author Matej Kukučka
Matej Kukučka is an internet entrepreneur and marketing specialist who works as a CMO & Co-Founder in the startup called StreamBee. He is the founder of the Marketing Player portal.
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