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Marketing Miner

Data mining tool for online marketers that saves time and money  of SEO and PPC specialists, eshops and web designers.

It allows users to obtain a variety of data, primarily to 4 basic inputs: keywords, domains, URLs and products. They can get data such as:
– Searches for keywords in search engines
– Competitors’ price and product comparability in price comparisons
– Indexing and indexability information on search engines
– Position in the search results of several search engines
– and many others

Ideal for processes such as:
– Keyword analysis
– Search engine positioning
– Brand monitoring
– Pricing at eshop and optimizing product performance in price comparisons

  • Input data sources

    Choose from 4 different data inputs - keywords, products, URLs or domains
  • 6 Major Uses

    Whether you are a copywriter, a PPC, a SEO specialist, a linkbuilder, a web designer or a universal marketeer, the outputs from Marketing Miner will enrich your job


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