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Matej Kukucka


Matej is the founder of the portal and the main guarantor for marketing education. After completing the marketing study, he got to work at  cybersecurity company in NY, from where he went on to freelancing and consulting for companies in Slovakia. He is obsessed with system solutions and searching for the best ways for companies to operate in a digital environment.

Tamas Szilassi


Tamas is a WordPress development expert and one of the few certified specialists on the largest outsourcing platform with WordPress - Codeable. He is the developer of this project with a consistency on the logical structure and linking all the parts that make up this portal. He keeps positive approach and has lots of ideas. In his free time, he goes fishing or follows technological trends.

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What are your options?

The following table can be subjective to some extent, but the fact remains that active education under expert supervision is more effective, faster and more cost-effective in the long run.

Courses / Workshops





Trial / Error

Conferences and Events


Simplicity of passing

Simplicity of starting




Potential to find better job

Accessibility and confort

Financial availability


Our educational process



We are keen on the preparation and complexity of our courses, workshops and custom-training. Digital projects, their marketing, or just a regular administrative task are part of something bigger. We don't like the small segmentation of digital technologies without looking at projects from a conceptual point of view. We design the training so that you have something you can use at the end of the course. And also a place where you can come up with any question (theme related) and we don't tell you no...

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We all know how it feels to read the latest article on the new trend in digital marketing or IT and then do nothing. However, we will show you how we do websites, how we manage servers, or how we create advertising campaigns. We do it just because we have gone through something and we will require the engagement of your already gained experience or knowledge to get the best of it and try to find your own way that will attract the customer or your always demanding boss.

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This part is the phase after the hard work that has been associated with changing your habits and processes, but it is often the most problematic. As our success lies in the success of our students, we will be happy to help you with any other problems you can have. We regularly update the materials and we have special support ready for anyone who has purchased a course or workshop. And we'll also control yourself.

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If all of this didn't persuade you...

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We are a group of hard-working people who grew up as self-taught and we think we can help you achieve your dream results faster than we did. Why? However, we have had to make a lot of things in the present form from the amount of information that is being routed today in the digital environment.

Every (not only our) advice is devoted to our former, less experienced versions of ourselves.

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