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About company

Marketing Player is an educational institution that responds to the lack of market coverage in technology, especially digital marketing and conceptual management of online projects. Through the combination of field experts and students involved in individual courses, the Marketing Player seeks to change the principles of education in the fields that require the active involvement of students by the immediate application of gained knowledge to practice. The company offers various kinds of educational programs in the form of online courses, workshops and customized training for individuals and companies operating in the online environment. Marketing Player also creates complementary products and services, such as the Marketing Tools portal.

About portal

Marketing Player is an educational portal known as the Learning Management System (LMS). It is based on the principle of interactive learning, linking the thematic materials to the themes and lessons that follow each other. As a portal focusing on teaching knowledge that is immediately applicable to practice, lessons contain a variety of materials, files and tools that simplify the specific tasks of the students involved. The portal also uses the quiz function and, in particular, the active engagement of the lecturer towards the student through direct contact, where the student can promptly ask any questions. For more information about the project, the team standing behind this portal or the educational practices that we believe in, please see the sections about us.


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