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How to improve yourself while being in school

Do you hear from every party that today’s graduates do not have it easy on the market? Or do you see a crack in conventional education, and you know that if you want to keep up with time and find your dream job you have to learn something beyond the basics? In any case you […]

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How to write a resume that will sell you?

Resume or CV is the most important tool you have to attract potential employer, as this is often the first thing they come in contact with. If you do not send a resume that will be interesting, you will not get a second chance. It does not matter how much you qualified for the the […]

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Current situation with college graduates

“Employers have never expected the arrival of new graduates on the market ever as eagerly as they are today. The interest in freshly graduated job seekers rises, “said Profesia, leading job portal in Slovak republic.

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