Matej Kukucka

Hi, I'm Matej and I'm the founder of the Marketing Player portal. I have been involved in digital marketing for more than 10 years and I am interested in education. During my work as an internal or external marketing manager, I trained hundreds of colleagues, took part in a very large number of interviews, and came across even more resumes.

And it was during all these activities that I noticed how much practical training of digital skills, which are used on a daily basis at work, is missing on the internet. You will find a lot of advice on how to specialize in one area and become a superstar of that field. I say the opposite and recommend that you know as much as possible. You will be far more practical for companies when you are flexible.

My main specialization in terms of management is project management and process management, which in online projects are performed by people with the title of a marketing manager or COO. I'm happy to teach you how I was able to effectively manage dozens of people and hundreds of tools and processes without going crazy.

In digital marketing, my specialization is SEO, or in the other words, organic traffic, combined with the ability to read data and analyze it. But I like to do any activity, from setting up and writing ads, to automating reports.

I hate monotony, but I love symmetry and order. In my free time, I play competitive chess, during which I learned to think a few steps forward. If you think the same way, you know that the investment in quality education will pay off.